Don’t you wish you had thought of this?

The tagline of this blog is all you need to know: “I draw comics about the books I read.” Um, hello creative jealousy!!! If I could ever even hold a pen to paper, that is. When I was in 7th grade my best friend Andrus and I figured out you could kind of make a caricature of a horse’s head if you drew two big “S”s next to each other and filled in some ears, a forelock, and some cartoony eyes. So I think the idea of me ever drawing anything this smart, sophisticated and yet still visually simple and just COOL — especially a book review! — is beyond completely impossible for the likes of us googly-eyed S-head horse drawers. Still, if I could do it, I would shameless steal this idea. This is so freaking neat. I love the way the comics really are of the reviewer — John — actually having the experience of reading. And it’s new in every review. It’s completely unpretentious and sincere and immediate. It’s not scenes from the book, it’s scenes from his life while he carried this book around, while it was his companion for three weeks. I also love how it’s a giant door stop at first and when he closes it, is a tiny little dollhouse book. What a perfect way to capture that feeling, when suddenly that big fat engrossing novel is… over. And you miss it already.

It’s also really smart. Almost every review has some wildly innovative feature of what it means to review a book graphically: excerpts of prose, the experience of an audio book, the experience of genre confusion (sci-fi? adventure? thriller?). You can’t even really visualize how to do that stuff until you see John Bonner draw it, and then it’s like, oh duh, wow, in one little frame, YES. I’ll definitely be a regular visitor here.

PS. Anybody who has a bio like this, I love already: “This blog is about always having a book in your life, while searching for the next book.”

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