Frozen Starlight and Unicorn Tears

HeartAs I mentioned in my first post, I am an omnivorous reader. I do not stick to a specific genre but rather like to switch from crime to science fiction to romance and whatever else that has an interesting book cover and text. The book I finished yesterday is a “Techie”-Romance called “Happiness for Humans” by P.Z. Reizin. I don’t think I am giving too much away when I say that it has the typical plot for romantic fiction: (in this case) Girl meets boy – due to mean outside forces or misunderstandings there is trouble in paradise – chaos ensues – the couple reunite – happy end. What makes this book and plot stand out is an artificially intelligent machine called Aiden playing matchmaker. I really liked the language, sentence structures and play on words in Happiness for Humans.

Here are my favourite quotes from the book:

  • Jen, the protagonist, on how the guy she meets in a pub: “[name] looks at me like I’m a poorly designed web page and he can’t find the NEXT button.”
  • Guy to Jen: “Each of us is a beautiful and unique snowflake. Together it’s all just snow.”
  • Jen’s friend reacting to Jen’s “sexcapades”: “Shivering shitehawks!” (I have a soft spot for original profanities)
  • Jen on dessert with her man: “Dessert goes by in a single shatteringly exquisite mouthful of frozen starlight served in a jus of unicorn tears.”
  • Jen about to have one drink too many: “[Name]’s suggestion (and my acceptance) is the moment when the future bifurcates and we travel down the branch labelled all fucked up.”



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